HP505-The Dogfather

Los Angeles, CA June 2, 2014 – Shirley of Hollywood’s newest customer is style-conscious, loves pampering, craves attention—and has four legs and a tail. Known worldwide for its luxurious lingerie, Shirley is launching Hollywood Poochie, a new line of designer dogwear, to appeal to upscale pet lovers and their canine companions. To play up its star power, Hollywood Poochie features high-end, high-fashion dog apparel and accessories inspired by Hollywood—garments fetchingly called The Dogfather, Mary Puppins, Furever Plaid and My Fair Lady.

It’s a new market for the Los Angeles-based company, but it’s a market that’s close to home. Shirley of Hollywood is a family business, and some of the family comes to work on four legs. “We knew that there were millions like us,” said Dana Schlobohm-Walczuk, Shirley’s Director of Design and Marketing, “people who pamper their pets and want them to look cute and trendy.”

The luxury pet goods market is fast-growing, and pet apparel is the marquee product. But Hollywood Poochie is a different breed, Schlobohm-Walczuk said, one that combines the fashionable and the functional with a Hollywood twist. “Being dog owners ourselves, we noticed that most pet products are either strictly utilitarian or cheaply made. We wanted to give consumers something more stylish, more luxurious, pretty yet practical—something that would look good, feel good and last a long time.”

Inspiration was just steps away in the company’s 40,000-square-foot factory, where more than 600 styles of high-end lingerie are designed and manufactured each year. Why not offer that same quality craftsmanship and fashion flair to dog lovers, Schlobohm-Walczuk thought?

So designer Raquel Messler reconceived Shirley’s luxurious lingerie for the furry fashionista, using her Chihuahua Silky as a model. Pet parent to five pampered poochies of her own, Messler drew on her love of dogs and her keen fashion sense to create a dog-friendly wardrobe of unique canine designs. A floral lace corset was recast as a corset harness. Pinstriped menswear became a bow-tied vest harness for the fashion hound. Jeweled necklines turned into bling collars, with stylish leashes to match.

“It really is canine couture,” Schlobohm-Walczuk said. “We use the same fine fabrics we use for our lingerie— satins, brocades, tapestries and tulle, handpicked for softness, durability and beauty. Every garment is fully lined and embellished with intricate laces and trims from our stock of more than 200 varieties. We finish it off with dressmaker details, like ruffles, ruching, buttons and bows.”
It wouldn’t be Hollywood without the glamour, so teardrop crystals, pavé rhinestones, seam-to-seam sequins and strands of pearls add razzle-dazzle. Chainmaille and silver skulls add boy bling. It’s these extra touches of luxury that say “I’m special”—something every dog longs to hear.

Shirley will debut 12 Hollywood Poochie garments and accessory items this spring, with plans to introduce new merchandise throughout the year. Hollywood Poochie products are sold separately, but designed to work together, with corset and vest harnesses and collars mix-and-matching with a selection of coordinating leashes.

Made for small and medium dogs, Hollywood Poochie corset and vest harnesses are available in sizes from XXS to L. Collars come in S and M sizes, with leashes available in 4-foot and retractable 10-foot lengths.

Hollywood Poochie products will be sold in select pet boutiques and online through an e-commerce website, While other Shirley of Hollywood products are sold only to the retail trade, Hollywood Poochie will be available to the general public.

About Shirley of Hollywood
Established in 1948, Shirley of Hollywood is one of the world’s leading lingerie brands. Privately-held and family-owned, Shirley designs, manufactures and sells high-end intimate apparel to the retail trade. Shirley’s diverse product line features more than 600 styles of luxurious lingerie in nearly 6,000 varieties of size and color, available online and in more than 3,500 retail outlets throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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